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Farma International

Farma International was founded in Miami, Florida in 1966 and it’s engaged in the supply and sourcing of bulk pharmaceuticals, chemicals, laboratory equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as precise instrumentation.
We are a full-scale service organization offering not only products but also technology and consultation services.
We have presence in over 70 countries around the world.


We Are Characterized By Our Customer Service

Farma International believes that each nation has a unique culture and is accustomed to a certain way of service and treatment.   

Our experience allows us to not only provide a product but also to become a cultural cushion in a fast-paced world of technological advances. 

Farma International will continue our commitment to export in emerging markets as our company looks ahead towards the future.

These is what we do! offer! do! offer! do! offer! do! offer! do! offer!

Raw Material

We have Specialty and Classic Pharmaceutical Raw Material.


Wide range of botanical and natural ingredients.

Reference Standards

Primary Reference Standards, Impurities, Chromatographic Columns, and Certified Reagents.

Books and Literature

Pharmacopeias, Scientific and Technical books for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Ingredients & Excipients

High Performance Ingredients and Excipients.

Hardware & Equipment

Laboratory Equipment, parts, accessories, and kits.

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